Jeana Schieffer (Japan) (gna2000)

I have been working and living in Japan since the summer of 2000. I live in Miharu-machi, Japan, in Fukushima Prefecture, where for the first seven years I lived in an international exchange center/American-style bed'n breakfast called the Rice Lake House. Rice Lake, WI (my home town) and Miharu are sister cities, and I was the sister city coordinator for over 20 years. However, since April of 2007, I have been pursuing other interests.

I am originally from Rice Lake, WI, but moved to Washington, DC after college, So you might catch some photos of our friends and family back home as well. Enjoy! There are more than 6000 RLIFA and MIFA exchange photos as well but many of those galleries are passworded. If you want access contact me and I will send you a password.

I am a single mother to a son, who spent his formative years with me in Japan. He lived in Japan from first grade until the middle of ninth grade.

If you want to know more about us, you can also check out our web site from our early years (2000 to 2006 at or check out YouTube for user gna2000 or tubeenzou for videos from Japan. These days you can also track me down on facebook but you will have to search for me under type(underscore)two(underscore)again(at sign)live(dot)com

Since Jan 2010, my son has been living in the States in TN, and is entering university from the fall of 2013. We live separate lives, but occassionally you might see pictures of him on here as well. Mostly, however, the album continues to be a documentary of my daily live in small town Japan. As will recall, northern Japan experienced a major earthquake, tsunami and then nuclear disaster. Miharu and Koriyama were only mildly affected by the earthquake (food shortage, electric and water outages, etc.), and not at all affected by the tsunami. We are, however, just outside the original evacuation zone for the Fukushima Nuclear Facilities, so we continue to struggle with concerns about radiation and things like that. I "evacuated" briefly to the US for my nieces wedding over spring vacation (conveniently timed earthquake that it was) and returned the first week of April to reopen my school only a few days behind schedule. We continue to do business, as many people do not have the luxury of relocating, and kids still need English (or perhaps need it all the more in the light of things to come). So, please enjoy my photos.

Also, all the pictures here are the property of Jeana Schieffer unless otherwise mentioned, and may not be used for any commercial purpose without explicit permission. Feel free to order prints of snapshots for your own personal use. (And for the record, I do not receive a single penny if you buy
a photo.) Also, as of 2011 I changed the settings to make my galleries unsearchable by Google and such. You can share a link to a gallery or photo with a friend if you wish, but to be respectful of my subjects' privacy, please only share photos that pertain directly to you or the person you are sharing with.
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